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Information for K-12 teachers about raising silkworms in their classrooms. 
Click on topics below to learn more about silkworms!

  Teacher resources  - Curriculum and classroom activities, books, poem, help
  Eggs and equipment - What you need and where to get it
 Raising silkworms - How to successfully raise silkworms in your classroom
 History - The history of silk and silkworms
 Schedule - How long each step of the silkworm cycle takes
  Display case - Model illustrates the steps in the silkworm cycle
  Silk thread and cloth - How silk is made from cocoons
  Commercial silk factory - Video of the entire process from worm to clothing
 Science questions - Answers to teachers' questions about silkworms
  Complete text - The contents of this web site in plain text so you can print it out
 Pictures and Overview - Overview of the silkworm cycle with pictures
 Lifecycle - Detailed photos of all stages of the life of a silkworm
 Links - More silkworms sites on the Internet

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