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Eggs and


When you get eggs, put them eggs in the refrigerator (NOT THE FREEZER!) until you are ready to use them.  To figure out when to take them out of the refrigerator, refer to the Schedule.

Get eggs from a friend or order from:

Niles Biological in California, USA, telephone (916) 386-2665.  They charge about $10 for about 30 eggs, and deliver in 48 hours.

Carolina Biological Supply Company in North Carolina, USA telephone (800) 334-5551.  Item #WW-14-3962   costs US $9 for 25 eggs, or item #WW-14-3964 costs US $30 for 100 eggs.  They also sell a silkworm life cycle display case (item #WW-26-2720)  for US $55.  They also sell artificial silkworm food and silk products kits. 

Artificial silkworm food and eggs can be ordered from in reasonable quantities.  Artificial food comes as a powder to which you add water.  It works well with certain varieties of silkworms - but they will get bigger faster if they eat leaves.

You can buy worms, eggs, and artificial food from in the USA and from a Canadian supplier  They mostly sell them as food for large reptiles, but they work just fine in a classroom. sells a variety of silkworm related products.  Also information for teachers and hobbyists. which also sells mulberry leaves, artificial food, and live silkworms  (Sells eggs, live worms, and silkworm chow to make colored silkworms and colored silk)

Canadian sources for worms, eggs and artificial food:

Buy a clear plastic cake plate cover with removable handles (the holes let in air) to cover the worms and keep the leaves from drying out.  Make sure to unscrew and remove the handle so air gets inside!  You can find these covers for sale online (google "cake cover") or at Smart and Final restaurant supply stores.   

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