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Display Case


You can make a display case showing the kids each stage in the silkworm cycle.  Buy a clear plastic box frame 11"x14".  A box frame is about 1-1/4" deep so you can put three-dimensional things in it.  It comes filled with a tagboard box.  Cut out one of the 11"x14" sides of the tagboard box, making a frame. 

Put captions on an 11"x14" piece of paper and glue it onto the inside of the tagboard frame.  Now glue dead moths, cocoons, silk thread and silk cloth in the appropriate places.  Cut out leaves from green construction paper and glue them in, too.  Make newborn "silkworms" from pieces of black buttonhole thread.   Make older "silkworms" of various sizes from Play-dough.  Let them dry before gluing them down.  Eggs can be Play-dough, beads, sesame seeds, or dots of yellow dimensional fabric paint.   Tape the cardboard frame inside the plastic box and admire your work!  Use clear silicone glue for best results (it comes in small tubes like toothpaste).