Pictures and links from
Northern Spain
May 2023


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On the road and in the air
In the air On the road Pilgrimage route - el camino de Santiago

Basque region (Bizcaia and Guipúzcoa provinces)
Bilbao - downtown and old city Guggenheim Museum Guernica
San Sebastian (Donostia) Hondarribia Lekeitkio

Castilla y León provinces

Burgos León cathedral book Atapuerca archeological site
Burgos cathedral magazine León cathedral floor plan Villa Romana la Olmeda brochure 1
Villa Romana la Olmeda brochure 2    

Galicia province

O Cebreiro pilgrimage stop
with thatched houses
O Cebreiro guide book Lugo
Santiago de Compostela - cathedral Santiago de Compostela -
Pilgrimage Museum
Santiago cathedral
Portico of Glory book
Santiago de Compostela - general Santiago de Compostela - the city book
Huge file, be patient

Asturias and Cantabria provinces
Catedrales beach rest of the Asturian coast
(including Playa de Silencio) 
National park Picos de Europa
Tito Bustillo cave paintings Tito Bustillo Cave book (in English) Tito Bustillo Cave book
(in Spanish, much more detailed)
Huge file, be patient
El Castillo cave Altamira museum Altamira cave book
Mogrovejo town in Picos park Fuente Dé cable car  


Bayonne Basque Museum of Bayonne - guide book

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