Lucky Steppers

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For other dances in the San Francisco Bay Area, visit or check out the list below:

Here are some television shows featuring square dancing:
    Square Dance Live
    American's Square Dance

Where's the Dance provides information on dances and events nationwide and internationally

Taminations provides animations of every square dance call so you can see how to do them.  You can view the Taminations online, or install the Taminations app on your computer, phone or tablet.

Need to look up the definitions of any calls?  Here are useful links:

    Vic Ceder's A-2 definitions
    Vic Ceder's A-1 definitions
    CallerLab's definitions for A-1 and A-2
    Plus definitions from CallerLab
    Mainstream definitions
    Purchase a copy of the Ceder Chest book of A-1 and A-2 calls.