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Japan - April 2019


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Zen garden explanation Michael's annotated Facebook album    

Tokyo (see maps of metro area, Ginza, hotel area, subway, Meguro area, and Yanaka ginza)

Ginza district Cherry blossoms Meiji Jingu shrine
(also read brochure)
Ueno Park Imperial Palace gardens
(also read brochure)
Asakusa Kannon temple
Tokyo National Museum
(also read brochure and special exhibit brochure)
Tsukiji fish market Shibuya crossing
Meguro Paratisological Museum Square dancing Miscellaneous
Tokyo subway Tonkatsu Tonki restaurant Calligraphy master
(also read brochure)
Yanaka ginza    

Yamanashi and Kanagawa prefectures

Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi
(also read brochure)
Hakone and ryokan (hotel)  

Gifu prefecture

(also see map)
Tea ceremony - everyone in our group
(also read brochure)
Tea ceremony - Michael and Sue
Cooking lesson - everyone Cooking lesson - Sue and Michael Government house
(Takayama Jinya)
(also read brochure)
Dinner at Sakurajaya restaurant, Takayama Shirakawa-go
Gassho village
(also read bbrochure and see village map)

Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture (also see map)

Miscellaneous Hakukokan Gold Leaf center Kenrokuen garden and Kanakawa castle
(also read brochure)
Higashi Chaya geisha district Nomura residence in samurai district
(also read brochure)
Omicho market
Kutani Kosen Kiln ceramics factory    

Kyoto (see large-scale map, city center map, subway map and bus map)

Kinkakuji temple
(Golden Pavilion)
(also read brochure)
Ryoan-ji temple
(also read brochure)
Maruyama Park
with temple and shrine
Nishiki food market
and Gion district
(also read article)
Miscellaneous including Kyoto National Museum (also read brochure and special exhibit brochure) Sanjyusangendo Temple
of 1000 goddesses of mercy
(also read comprehensive book and brochure)
Heian-Jingu shrine Fureai-kan Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts Farewell dinner in Tokyo

Nara ((also see map and brochure)

Todaiji temple and Great Buddha Kasuga Taisha shrine  

HHiroshima (see map and train map) and Miyajima Island (see map)

Peace Memorial Park and museum
(Link to museum highlights)
(Link to museum overview))
(Link to park map)
Noh play at Itsukushima shrine
ffeaturing Noh play
Shukkeiken garden
(see brochure)
Hiroshima Castle
(see brochure)
Hiroshima - miscellaneous Okonomiyaki dinner
Daishoin temple
(see brochure)
Miyajima history and folklore museum
(see brochure)
Miyajima Island - miscellaneous