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Chile and Perú

February - March 2020


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Pictures from our fellow travelers Michael's selfies Michael's annotated Facebook album Brochures
Souvenirs Talks and lectures List of birds we saw Pictures from our tour guide Emiliano
Catalog for Pre-Columbian Art Museum in Santiago Guide to Torres del Paine
National Park
Book - Lima photos and history  

In Transit

On the road In the air

Chile - Santiago
Museum of Pre-Columbian Art National Historical Museum Museum of Memory and Human Rights Lecture on Architecture of Santiago
General photos Cathedral Museum of Fine Arts Lecture on
Contemporary Chile

Chile - Lake District

Puerto Montt Puerto Varas Fogon Los Alerces horse ranch - general
Fogon Los Alerces
corporate website
Fogon Los Alerces
Chilean rodeo
Fogon Los Alerces
tour members dancing
Fogon Los Alerces horse ranch and rodeo - la cueca (national dance) Lecture
History of Patagonia
Notes from lecture on
History of Patagonia

Chile - Chiloé Island
Islotes de Puñihuil nature reserve - penguins Chacao Ferry and general photos
Ancud Curanto lunch at Penguinland

Chile - Southern Patagonia
Punta Arenas Puerto Natales Bernardo O'Higgins
National Park - boat trip
Bernardo O'Higgins
National Park - glacier hike
Milodon cave Torres del Paine
National Park -
Lago Gray hike
Torres del Paine
National Park -
Waterfall hike
Torres del Paine
National Park - general

Chile - Valparaiso
City Center Cerro Concepcion neighborhood Viña del Mar

Chile - Signs and Grafitti
Interesting or humorous signs Political grafitti

Perú - Lima
General photos Basilica of San Francisco - including Doctorcito Jesus Prayers for Doctorcito Jesus (translated from signs in Basilica)
Article about Doctorcito Jesus (translate through Google Chrome)
Convent and catacombs of San Francisco Downtown area Central market Miraflores district
Barranco district Chorillos district Larco Archaological Museum Simon Bolivar Museum
Andres del Castillo museum Amano textile museum    

Perú - south of Lima
Pachacámac archaeological site Pachacámac museum Modern Pachacámac city
Pachacámac mummies Article about Pachacámac (Translate in Google Chrome) The Mummies of Pachacámac magazine article

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