Pictures and links from
French Polynesia
October-November 2023


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En route
In the air

Tahiti general pictures Museum of Tahiti and her Islands


Moorea - general pictures Snorkeling Moorea lagoon
Moorea kayaking Moorea Beach Café


Bora Bora general Underwater viewport in bungalow
Bora Bora hotel Book - Bobcats:  US Troops in Bora Bora 1942-1946

Raiatea general pictures Marae Taputapuatea archaeological site
Marae Taputapuatea brochure Raiatea hotel

Huahine general pictures Hawaiki nui va'a canoe race - our pix
Vanilla farm Canoe race - official Facebook page photos
Canoe race - official Facebook page TV promo for the canoe race
Canoe race videos Canoe race website
Canoe race teaser video Another canoe race teaser video
Newspaper article about canoe race  

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