Photos, maps, brochures, PowerPoints, Jay's handouts, itineraries, etc. are now available on our group sharing site .  Cal Discoveries Travel has also set up a sharing site which you can access by clicking here. 


You can easily view all the files that have already been uploaded by going to and click on the blue links or visit the Cal Discoveries Google Drive site.  If you don't see pictures, it means that the traveler has chosen not to share photos, or hasn't uploaded any yet.  These photos are posted in low resolution.  To get a high resolution version of a photo, email the person who took it or ask Sue.  Sue will have high-resolution copies of some, but not all, of the photos. 

If you would like a copy of all the photos, once everyone is finished sharing their pictures, email Sue and she can burn them all onto a disk (or copy onto a flash drive). 


You can choose any of these easy methods if you want to upload photos to share.  Once the photos are uploaded, they can easily be viewed by anyone by and clicking on the appropriate link. 

1)  If you already have a Gmail account, you can use the free unlimited photo upload and storage feature of Google Photos, or use Google Backup and Sync and set the photos to high resolution (not original resolution).  After uploading your photos, create one or more albums, then email Sue the link and she will post it for everyone to view. If you need help, contact Sue.

2)  If your photos are in an album on iCloud, email Sue the link to post for everyone to view. 

2)  Email photos a few at a time to Sue Kayton, and make sure to include the name of the person who is sending them.

3)  Mail a flash drive, CD, DVD, or camera chip to Sue Kayton, 1854 Doris Drive, Menlo Park CA 94025-6102.  Please use a padded envelope to protect your hardware from damage.  Sue will copy the files onto her file server and post to our website.  Include a note with the hardware indicating if you need it returned, and include the address for return mail. IMPORTANT - if you are mailing the camera chip, make a copy of the photos first in case the camera chip gets lost in the mail. 

5)  Call or email Sue and she can assist you to copy files via remote control after you have returned home.  Call (650) 853-1711 (between 9 AM and 10 PM Pacific time) or email

Questions? Email Sue