Total eclipse of the sun

North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Iceland
March 20, 2015

Eclipse articles and stories

Yahoo   Friday's solar eclipse is like nothing we'll see for another 19 years
Iceland channel 2  TV news program in Icelandic
Iceland channel 1 interviews  TV news program, mostly in Icelandic
Iceland channel 1 TV news program, mostly in Icelandic
Science Notes Total solar eclipse from the air - March 2015 Iceland  
Daily Mail  Now that's a front row seat!  Pilots circle over North Atlantic near Faroe Islands to give passengers ultimate view of total eclipse
CBC News Total solar eclipse sweeps across North Atlantic
Sky and Telescope getting to totality:  not easy!
Washington Post The solar eclipse signals the coming apocalypse, pastors say
The Independent Solar eclipse 2015:  Friday will see the end of the world, say Christian pastors (this article was printed in the Science section!!!)

Articles on Aurora Borealis

U.S. News  Earth's magnetic field hit by solar storm
The Guardian  Solar storm delivers spectacular aurora displays and pictures
KCBS  Strongest magnetic storm of solar cycle sparks rare auroras across northern California, continental US
CNBC Solar storm smacks Earth, spurs northern lights
Yahoo   Sky watches treated to northern lights, supermoon and eclipse this week
Slate  Tonight is your best chances to see the northern lights in a decade
Washington Post  Photos:  spectacular aurora from severe solar storm light up northern skies
Washington Post Severe geomagnetic storm spurs beautiful aurora, could continue Tuesday evening