How to use this trip sharing site

Photos, maps, itineraries, etc. are now available on our group sharing site


You can choose any of these methods to upload photos

1)  Email photos a few at a time to Sue Kayton,

2)  Copy photos to the group Dropbox folder.  If possible, please create a folder inside Dropbox with your last name, then put your files into it.  Once pictures are in your family's folder, Sue will move them to her file server and put a link to the photos in Dropbox.  This will prevent people's Dropboxes from getting too full.  Sue will add a link to these photos on the main page.  You should have received an invitation to join the Dropbox which is located at .

3)  Mail a flash drive, CD, DVD, or camera chip to Sue Kayton, 1854 Doris Drive, Menlo Park CA 94025-6102.  Please use a padded envelope to protect your hardware from damage.  Sue will copy the files onto her file server and post to our website.  Include a note with the hardware indicating if you need it returned, and include the address for return mail. 

4)  Call or email Sue and she can assist you to copy files via remote control.  (650) 853-1711


You can easily view all the files that have been uploaded by going to and clicking on the blue links.  Most of these photos are in low resolution.  To get a high resolution version of a photo, email Sue and indicate which file(s) you need by author and picture name/number. 

To download a photo from our website onto a computer, right-click on the picture and select Save Picture As, then select the location where you want to save it.  To download a PDF from your browser, move the mouse to the bottom of the page, look for the little symbol that looks like a floppy disk (see graphic at right), and click on it. To download a PDF from Adobe Reader, click on File / Save As. 

If you would like a copy of all the photos, once everyone is finished sharing their pictures, email Sue and she can burn them all onto disk (or copy onto a flash drive). 

Questions?  Email Sue