Dan Barclay memorial debate fund

Daniel's memorial home page

In Daniel's memory, we have set up a memorial fund to benefit the MIT Debate Club, the group that Daniel spent most of his free time with.  With the assistance of the fund, the club members will be able to travel to more tournaments, and will be able to send more team members to tournaments.  When they travel, they will be able to stay in hotel rooms instead of sleeping on the floor in dorm lounges, and will be able to eat at places other than McDonald's.

Your donations to the Dan Barclay 2007 Memorial Debate Fund are tax-deductible. Many companies match gifts to colleges - please check on the MIT gift-matching website to see if yours matches.  If it does, your gift counts double.  Each company does gift-matching a little differently, so if your company matches, contact your Human Resources department to find out how to match before sending in your donation.  

Online donation

MIT welcomes on-line donations by credit card.  Visit http://giving.mit.edu, search on fund number 3647474, or keyword "Barclay" or "debate".

Donate by mail

You can mail a check or appreciated securities to the address below, designating your gift for the Dan Barclay 2007 Memorial Debate Fund, fund #3647474.  Make your check payable to MIT - Dan Barclay 2007 Memorial Debate Fund
    mail to:
    Dan Barclay 2007 Memorial Debate Fund, fund #3647474
    Memorial Gifts, room E19-411
    77 Massachusetts Ave.
    Cambridge, MA 02139

For questions, contact:
    Nancye Mims        at (617) 253-8059 nmims@mit.edu
    Bonny Kellermann at (617) 253-9722 bonnyk@MIT.EDU