This is a version of Wayland Holyfield's "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend" with new lyrics and music added as a memorial to my late son, Daniel Barclay. The new lyrics and music were written by Dan's sister, R. Sam Barclay, and me. Today is the 8th anniversary of Dan's official date of death. Dan's memorial web site is here:

YouTube video of Michael performing the song

Empty room, vacant nest
Someone’s giving me a test
First thing every morning that I do
Is start missing you

Some broken hearts never mend
Some memories never end
Some tears will never dry
My love for you will never die

Off you went in the night
We all knew you’d be all right
Every time before this you came back
Till it all went black


Some days stay and some are gone
But the nights go on and on
All the things I’d share with you
All the things still left to do

Years’ve passed, you’re still gone
Somehow this life goes on
Wishing for the many wondrous things
You would have done

[Chorus 2X]