Windows 8 and 10 annoyances, tips and tricks

Want Windows 8 or Windows 10 to look and feel like Windows 7?  I recommend using Classic Shell which can be downloaded using and check the appropriate box. 

To move from the Modern tile interface to the Windows 7 desktop, hit the Windows button shown at right.

To close a window in the Modern tile interface, hit ALT-F4. 

To create shutdown icons on the desktop, use these shortcuts
   Shutdown /s /t 0     to shut down now
   Shutdown /r /t 0     to restart
   Shutdown /r /o       to restart into startup options menu

Here are more Windows 8 or Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts - a complete list is on Microsoft's website

Start Screen/Desktop:    Windows Key
Search:     Windows Key+F
Open Share:     Windows Key+ H
Activate Settings:     Windows Key +I
Open Connect:     Windows Key+K
Start Menu:     Windows Key+C
Lock PC:     Windows Key+L
Check Desktop:    Windows Key+Y
Show Desktop:     Windows Key+D
Close Window     Alt-F4
Open elevated command prompt: Windows key + X (gives access to many other commands)
Open Search Everywhere:    Windows key + Q

Windows 8 and Windows 10 allow you to create a custom recovery image of the entire system.  Read more about it here

Here's how to do a re-install of Windows, either from the factory image or one you made yourself. 

Want to make it easier to get into Safe Mode?  First make sure UEFI FastBoot is turned off.  Then open an elevated command prompt.  Type this command  bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yes   and then hit Enter.  You'll probably want to change the default time to select normal boot to something smaller like 2 seconds by using this command  bcdedit /timeout 2  and then hit enter.  Now reboot. Note that you need to push F8 when you see the boot manager menu