Silkworm Poem


I saw a tiny silkworm.
It had a funny name.
My teacher called it larva,
But it wiggled all the same.

One day it changed from hairy to smooth --
From black to very white.

Its body was much bigger, too,
And it did it overnight.

It changed like this
Just three more times
And always in between
It Ate and ate and ate and ATE
Mulberry leaves so green.

One day it stopped,
And started to spin
A shiny silken thread.
Around and round in figure eights
It moved its little head.

It made a cocoon so snowy white,
Its neighbors made theirs yellow and bright.
And then inside where none could see,
A pupa formed, my teacher told me.

One day it pushed from its cocoon --
How different it looked now.
It fluttered about on week, little wings --
A silkworm moth --but how??

It laid so many golden eggs
Near its empty white cocoon.
I wondered when the larva would hatch.
Would it be very soon?

Egg to larva to pupa to adult --
Is a strange, strange way
To change from being born
Into a grown-up moth, I'd say!