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3-D Internet Sites

Here are some cool 3-D sites on the Internet.  As of March 1999, all of these sites are appropriate for children.  These 3-D pictures are called "anaglyphs." Most use red/blue glasses, but some might need red/green glasses. If you don’t see it in 3-D, try turning the glasses around since some pictures need red over the right eye and others need red over the left eye.

Downloadable template for marking your own 3-D glasses.
Tyrannosaurus Rex 
Company that makes 3-D TV shows and movies
3-D Company’s art gallery of 3-D pictures.  My favorite is "Spook" - one of the Three Stooges
Mars panorama taken by JPL's Mars rover
Miscellaneous 3-D pictures including a giraffe (under Miscellaneous #1)

If you find more 3-D red/blue or red/green pictures, please send me an email so I can add them to the list.   To learn more about 3-D, you might want to read the book, Zap Science, published by Klutz Press in Palo Alto, California.  This book is available from the publisher, from major bookstores, or online.  Very cool 3-D shirts with animals can be found at http://www.3dshirts.com