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A teacher in Pennsylvania, USA provides information for teachers and students

Rural craft cooperatives in Thailand and Cambodia  have excellent reference pages on silkworms, complete with lots of pictures, including pictures of mulberry leaves and all phases of silk raising.    For example:
Lots of information about silk and silkworms and other silk-producing insects

Silkworm-raising information in Spanish

Artificial silkworm food and eggs can be ordered from in reasonable quantities.  It comes as a powder to which you add water.  It works well with certain varieties of silkworm - but they will get bigger faster if they eat leaves.

Silkworm eggs, books and other equipment are available from various sources.

Everything you ever wanted to know about mulberry trees can be found at

Learn about silk farming in China, the life cycle of the silkworm, and other facets of the silk industry

Buy live silkworms and other insects from Canada

Buy live silkworms, silkworm eggs, mulberry leaves, and artificial food from  (they also sell silkworm chow to make colored silkworms and colored silk)

Mulberry tree information

A third-grade class at Alvarado Elementary school in Union City, California has taken many wonderful pictures of silkworms growing in their classroom.

Lao Sericulture Company, a small village-run silk products company in Laos.

Details on silk and silkworms, including scientific data

Buy worms, food, and cocoons containing live silkworm pupas from

For scientific researchers looking for specific subvarieties of silkworms

General information on butterflies can be found at

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